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Taping and strapping

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Using sports tape, kinesio tape or medical tape is a common treatment used in the management of many musculoskeletal or sports injuries.

The benefits found from taping and strapping seem to vary from person to person and it has been heavily critiqued within medical literature for its effectiveness.

In Podiatry, we often recommend taping for conditions like 2nd toe predislocation and capsulitis, plantar fascia pain and ankle sprains.

The range of tapes available is huge and each have different characteristics. Taping methods are also usually a lot more complicated than they look to get them correct and to apply safely.

There are several important safety pointers we would like to share if you have been advised to use a taping or strapping technique.

  • Beware of allergies to the tape. Some tapes may contain chemical or materials that could cause an allergic reaction. Monitor your skin closely and monitor for any reactions. Stop using the tape immediately and wash the area with warm, soapy water. If the reaction is serious, seek appropriate medical advice. You should speak with the person who advised taping and ask what alternative tapes they may recommend before trying again.
  • Do not wrap tape tightly around a toe or a limb and do not apply too tightly as this could create a tourniquet effect and cut off the blood supply to the area.
  • If you are experiencing pain, colour changes or throbbing then remove the tape. If these symptoms do not stop, seek appropriate medical advice.
  • Be careful if your skin is vulnerable or “thin”, especially when removing the tape.
Taping and strapping
Taping and strapping