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Tailor’s bunions

Also referred to as:

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What are Tailor's Bunions?

Tailor’s bunions / bunionnettes are a lump on the outside of the little toe joint (5th metatarsophalangeal joints). Usually the little toes curl in too.

The majority of the time, the joints are pain free, though they often lead to corns either between the 4th and 5th toes or on the little toe joints themselves. Corns or calluses can usually be improved with treatment by a Podiatrist.

Pain can occur on the bunions themselves and in the toe joints.

How can I help myself?

Making sure footwear is wide and deep enough to avoid pressure on the joint itself. ICE and anti-inflammatory medication if appropriate may help too.

When to see a Podiatrist?

A podiatrist will be able to advise and treat the bunionnettes, offering padding, strapping, toe props and possibly foot orthoses, as well as organising imaging if appropriate. We cannot  “cure” a tailor’s bunion but we can help to relieve the symptoms. Steroid injections can sometimes help symptoms though there are risks. A Podiatrist may be able to discuss possible surgical options too, however surgery is usually a last resort unless the deformity is severe.

If you book an appointment, it is a good idea to take the shoes you wear day to day too,

See our footwear guide for more information on footwear.