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Splints and Braces

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There are a multitude of splints, braces and “supports” used by podiatrists and other medical professionals to help the foot, ankle and associated structures.

Splints, braces and other medical devices use different materials such as plastic, metal, leather or neoprene to try and reduce stress through injured, painful or damaged tissues in the hopes of reducing pain, inflammation or dysfunction.

They can help your function and movement and improve your confidence in an injured tissue, however they need to be used appropriately as they can produce false confidence and some people may continue to use an injured tissue that needs rest or offloading.

For some people with conditions such as foot drop or posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, medical devices may form part of your long term management, in other people such as someone who has suffered from an ankle sprain, they may offer short term relief and support but then if you carry out an appropriate rehabilitation programme, you will hopefully be able to stop using the brace or support.