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Cracked Heels Bundle

Cracked Heels Bundle


If you suffer with dry and cracking heels, this bundle is perfect for you. This can be a really painful condition, so treat yourself to these wonderful products.

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Product Description

Ureka 25% Foot Cream 500ml & Pump Dispenser

Ureka foot cream is formulated to care for and hydrate the most severe cases of dry skin. The foot cream contains at least 25% urea in a highly concentrated moisturising and emollient base. Urea is an important component of the body’s natural moisturising factor (NMF) and is well known for keeping the skin revitalised and supple.

Podopro Moisturising Heel Sleeve (Pair)

Moisturising gel heel sleeve for dry, hard, or cracked skin.

Podopro Curved Foot File

Exfoliate your feet with this double sided curved foot file. Works quickly, easily and safely to help restore skin’s natural softness.


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Podopro Nail Nipper Colour

Coral, Mint, Navy, Sky Blue, Taupe, Black, White