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Os Naviculare (Accessory Bone)

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What is an Os Naviculare?

An Os Naviculare is the name given to an accessory bone or accessory ossicle on the inside of the foot.

Accessory bones are small pieces of extra bone that form in some people. They usually sit in certain areas of the body close to other bones, and most of the time don’t cause pains or problems. If we did a full body x-ray of you now, we could probably find some of these you didn’t know you had.

They are usually rounded in appearance as opposed to fragments of bone you may get if you had a fracture.

Sometimes in the feet, they can become a problem. One common area is the inside (medial aspect) of the foot and ankle, which is where an Os Naviculare can lie (next to the navicular bone). The Tibialis Posterior tendon which runs around the inside of the ankle and into the foot, can become irritated by the accessory bone.

How can I help myself?

If aggravation occurs, it can settle down with conservative treatment, however professional assessment and diagnosis is important because lots of things can occur in this area of the body.

The following links may be useful:


Ice Therapy

Anti-inflammatory and pain relieving medication

When to see a Podiatrist?

A Podiatrist can assess the area to see if the problem could be an Os Naviculare.

Plain x-rays could be used to show if there is an ossicle. Several x-ray angles may be useful to help determine the location.

Accessory bones are often graded based on severity. Some can be very large, especially around the navicular, and can cause pain and visible deformity.

Some people may present with Tibialis Posterior tendon pain which could be caused or linked to an Os Naviculare.

Footwear changes, rest, foot orthoses or braces and exercises may be advised or prescribed. Steroid Injections and sometimes surgery may be needed if symptoms persist.

If you book an appointment, it is wise to take the footwear you wear day to day so that the Podiatrist can see this too.

Os Naviculare
Os Naviculare
Os Naviculare