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Every lower limb is unique, this is why we provide bespoke treatments at Stride Clinic. We believe at any age foot and ankle pain should never prevent you from doing the activities you love. Our practitioners aim to address the cause of your condition, tailor a treatment to your needs and prevent recurrence.  We do this using a highly skilled and dedicated team in a friendly, modern environment.

Stride Clinic is a General Podiatry Practice and lifelong learning is one of our core values. We continuously strive to provide up to date, evidenced based treatments at a price that reflects our skills and knowledge.

We share a car park with Domino’s and there are several free carparks within a short walk of the practice. There are two steps into the practice and as we are in a Grade Two listed building we are restricted in our ability to offer wheelchair access. For this reason we offer home visits for patients with mobility issues.

We look forward to seeing you.


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