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Your feet are the first thing out of bed in the morning and the last thing to rest at night, if you experience foot pain or leg or hip issues all day long it can make you feel exhausted and life can become miserable.

SO Podiatry is a professional, fully qualified and most importantly empathetic HCPC registered podiatrist clinic located in Worcester city centre. It is our job and our pleasure to get you moving again, pain free.

We offer effective podiatry treatments for a number of musculoskeletal lower limb injuries and for skin and nail problems including knee, shin, heel or foot pain, numb toes, achilles issues, ingrowing toenail and bunions. We can help with plantar fasciitis, Mortons neuroma, Verrucae removal as well as fungal skin and nail infections. Our listening first approach also helps us to identify many more issues that could be causing you pain.

Gait analysis and biomechanical assessment with Rs Scan and clinical application of video analysis helps to create a pathway to get you back on track with a happy pain free life.

We have specialist equipment for treating stubborn verrucae (swift microwave therapy) and Shockwave therapy for treating soft tissue injuries including Plantar fasciitis and Achilles Tendinopathy.


Stephanie Owen HCPC CH14161