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Nicola Shearman Podiatry

Barbourne Health Centre

‘If you’re here with foot pain, looking for help… my heart goes out to you.
I love to hear what you’re going through, I want to understand what pain you’re in, what started it, how it’s affecting you. Once I hear those stories I’m desperate to help you.’ ~ Nicola

Nicola is highly experienced in assessment and diagnosis of the lower limb and has expert knowledge of the foot and ankle. She has a well established clinic in Barbourne Health Centre, since it was built in 2012, and aims to truly know and understand your foot ailment and how its affecting you. Nicola is committed to offering the highest quality services and facilities to promote wellness, to relieve suffering and to restore painful feet and legs, swiftly and safely back to health.

Nicola is here to work out what your problem is, how it was caused and how you both can work together to fix it.

The Health Centre has parking, lift, wheelchair access and toilet facilities.

The clinic is air conditioned, spacious, light, refreshing and will give you that you that sense of calm like a moment of oasis in your day.

The type of issues that Nicola is most experienced in are heel pain, forefoot pain, ankle pain, ingrowing toenails, corns, verrucas, and any other foot pain or issue that you are suffering with. She will explain the issues regarding your foot health, and how your medical issues might affect your feet such as diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and other systemic illnesses. If you have any foot pain, she will listen to your story regarding the foot pain however complicated and diagnose the issue, explain it to you so that you understand in full, and make a bespoke plan of treatment with you which will progress you over a few weeks to get better.

After 20 years experience, and studying towards an MSc, there’s not a lot Nicola hasn’t seen. 🙂

Advanced Treatments available:

– Shockwave therapy for plantar fasciitis/heel pain/Achilles tendonitis

– strengthening and conditioning for all muscle/tendon complaints

– footwear advice

– orthoses therapy (bespoke which your feet are 3D scanned and sent to a lab to be made, or off the shelf orthoses so you receive them in clinic on the day and prescription applied)

– manipulation to foot joints

– mobilisation to foot joints

– taping for recent injuries

– steroid injections

– request for Xrays, ultrasound scans and MRIs

– referrals to consultants as necessary

Whatever your problem, Nicola can offer a guiding light.


Nicola Shearman BSc (Hons) PGDip MCPod HCPC registered.