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Knee pains related to the feet

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Can your feet make your knees hurt?

It is possible that your foot shape and the way you walk or run can alter the forces going through your knees and cause pain to develop.

This has historically been a difficult thing to research and fully understand however and is often oversimplified.

Many patients have told us over the years that they have found benefits from using foot orthoses or insoles to help their knee pains and problems. This may be to do with them altering forces going through the feet or the knees, or due to changes in foot/lower limb mechanics. You can read more about foot orthoses or insoles here. 

If you are suffering with knee pain or knee problems, our general advice is to make sure that there is not a specific problem with the knee(s) such as an injury or a structural issue.

Some common knee problems include:

Most patients who see a Podiatrist for knee pain have already seen another health professional and have been advised that they need to see a podiatrist for an assessment. Perhaps they have been told they have flat feet or high arches or they over pronate which are broad terms often used to describe the appearance of the feet.

A podiatrist will assess your biomechanics in relation to the pains and problems you present with, they may also assess the knee for specific problems and advise on imaging such as an X-ray.

They can give you options so that you can decide if you feel foot orthoses or insoles, or footwear changes are something you would like to try for your knee pain, and they can advise on exercises that you could be doing.

If you book to see a Podiatrist, take the shoes you usually wear so they can see these too.

Differences in leg length can be another cause of knee pains which a Podiatrist can also assess.

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