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Iselin’s disease

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What is it?

Iselin’s disease is an injury to the growth plate (the part of the young bone that grows and lengthens) on the styloid process (the bump on base of the 5th metatarsal). When the peroneus brevis tendon (attached to this bony lump) is overused, it starts to pull on the soft growth plate here causing swelling and pain.

This is particularly common in sporty children from 9-14 years old.

How can I help myself?

Rest and softer shoes that don’t irritate the area is the best initial course of action.

Using appropriate painkillers is also a good idea (speak with a pharmacist or GP).

When to see a Podiatrist?

If your child’s pain is not settling down, the best thing to do is get this properly diagnosed.

Your podiatrist will use clinical diagnosis (an x-ray may be required) and can then offer the best treatment options moving forwards. This may include, as appropriate; total rest, orthotic devices in their shoes, shock absorbing insoles, alteration or changes to footwear, stretching and strengthening exercises and also strapping.

Iselin’s disease
Iselin’s disease
Iselin’s disease