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Idiopathic toe walking

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What is it?

Idiopathic toe walking (ITW) is a diagnosis given when perfectly healthy children (often past the age of 3) continue to walk on their toes when their walking pattern should have progressed to a more “adult” gait (heel-toe walk).

Some children will toe-walk as a result of another medical condition (for example cerebral palsy or another muscle or nerve disorder).

Do we need to do anything?

Often toe walking in itself is not an issue. If you are concerned however, we suggest you get a podiatrist to assess your child to offer some peace of mind.

When to see a Podiatrist?

If you are concerned about the way your child is walking, asking a podiatrist to perform a few tests is likely to be a good idea.

Podiatrists may assess the way your child stands, walks and runs and check the mechanics of their feet and lower limb. They will also be able to test for any neurological concerns.

They may advise on footwear, exercises and even foot orthoses/insoles if they feel this is appropriate.

Idiopathic toewalking
Idiopathic toewalking
Idiopathic toewalking