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Hip pains related to the feet

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It is possible that problems with the feet, such as biomechanical abnormalities, or altered gait (the way you walk) can cause pain to develop in your hips.

Many patients have told us over the years that they have found benefits from using foot orthoses or insoles to help their hip pains and problems. This is a very difficult area of podiatry to research and provide evidence for, because there are so many variables involved.

If you go to see a podiatrist because of hip pain, or concerns about your feet, they will assess your biomechanics in relation to the pains and problems you present with and should give you options that you can consider.

Foot orthoses could form part of a wider management plan for hip pain in conjunction with other assessments, and therapies such as exercises issued by a physiotherapist.

Most patients who see a podiatrist for hip pain have already seen a physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor or similar health professional and have been advised that they need to see a podiatrist for an assessment.

Patients have often been told they have “flat feet” or “high arches” or they “over pronate” which are broad terms often used to describe the appearance of the feet.

Differences in leg length can be another cause of hip pains, or can sometime be the result of hip surgery.

If you book an appointment to see a podiatrist, it is a good idea to take the footwear that you wear day to day, so that they have a good idea of what you are wearing.

You may find that simply improving your footwear could help a lot with hip pain, but it is still important to get an appropriate assessment.

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