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Heel bruise (contusion)

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It can be very easy to bruise or injure your heel, leading to bleeding under the skin, pain and swelling. It may even feel like you have fractured your heel bone.

Bruising can occur from landing heavily on your heel(s) or from repetitive loading such as running or jumping. It can also be caused by thin soles or worn footwear.

If you can remove the cause and prevent re-injury, often the bruising will settle down on its own, however the following links may be of interest:

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If you keep getting pain under your heel or keep getting bruised heels, we recommend you see a Podiatrist for an assessment to check everything is ok and see if they can help to discover the cause of your pain or recurring problem.

If you book an appointment, it is wise to take the footwear that you wear day to day or any sports or exercise specific footwear.

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