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Extensor tendon pain

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What is extensor tendon pain?

The extensor tendons lie on the top of the feet and run across the fronts of the ankles.

If the tendons become strained due to overuse, poor / tight footwear or altered biomechanics, they can become inflamed and painful. This can become a chronic problem over time if the root cause is not addressed.

It often starts with a localised aching and pain which is worse with activity or moving the foot up and down (dorsiflexion and plantarflexion).

How can I help myself?

POLICE and anti inflammatory medication (see important safety information) may be useful in the short term. Addressing the possible footwear or activities that have caused the aggravation is also very important.

When to see a Podiatrist?

If your pain continues or progresses, it is wise to see a Podiatrist to get the problem diagnosed. They will give appropriate advice and offer treatment options to try and prevent the problem becoming chronic. They may consider footwear changes, exercises and foot orthoses/insoles if appropriate. In severe cases, imaging, injections and shockwave therapy may be offered too.

If you book an appointment to see a Podiatrist it is a good idea to take the footwear you wear most days and for any sports or activities that you do.

Extensor tendon pain