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Cuboid pain

Sometimes referred to as cuboid syndrome, cuboid subluxation or cuboid dislocation.

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The cuboid bone lies on the outside of the foot, between the heel and the little lump on the outside of the midfoot (the styloid process).

There are many things that can cause pain in this area including the joints, ligaments and other soft tissues, and the cuboid bone itself. They can be injured through trauma or twisting the foot or ankle, or they can become damaged from repetitive stress and loading.

An inversion sprain can cause the ligaments that hold the cuboid in place, to become damaged, leading to possible displacement of the bone. This is often called cuboid subluxation, though it is a debated topic in medical literature.

Due to the complexity of the feet and the many bones that articulate with one another to allow movement and structure, it can be a very hard area to assess and diagnose.

How can I help myself?

If you get pain and swelling in this area the following links may be of interest:

POLICE Therapy

Anti-inflammatory and pain relieving medication


When to see a Podiatrist?

Due to the complexity of the lateral midfoot, we recommend that you see a Podiatrist to get an assessment. Your pain may be related to your foot shape, foot mechanics or footwear.

A podiatrist will be able to assess and advise on possible management options. If they feel it is appropriate, they may also advise on imaging which can guide diagnosis and treatment planning.

If you book an appointment, it is wise to take the footwear you wear day to day and any sports or exercise specific footwear your use.

Cuboid pain