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Cancer and Cancer treatments

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There are many different types of cancer than affect the body. The two most common forms of cancer that can affect the feet are subungual melanoma and skin cancer or melanoma related to moles.

Bone tumours or cancer of the bone are extremely rare but can affect the bones of the feet too. A calcaneal or heel bone tumour is an extremely rare condition but is something that we consider as a possibility in unusual presentations or non responding cases of heel pain.

Cancer affecting the feet is rare, but if you are concerned, why not consult with a Podiatrist for some advice?

Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, or medication such as anastrazole can cause foot pains and problems. Common issues with chemotherapy include sensitivity of the feet and toes, especially the nails, which can make nail cutting painful and difficult. Chemotherapy medications such as anastrazole can cause muscle, bone and joint pains which can make the feet sensitive and uncomfortable. Treatment that impacts your immune system and also can impact the nerves of the feet leading to tingling, sensitivity and even numbness can be an issue too.

Generally, these are mild side effects when compared to the importance of the treatments, however a podiatrist may be able to help and advise you or just put your mind as ease about these side effects. They could also offer more comfortable and safe nail care and could advise on footwear, orthoses or insoles that may help with pains.