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Bruised toenails

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What causes bruised toenails?

Bruised toe nails can occur due to acute trauma such as stubbing the toe or dropping something on the foot, or from prolonged microtrauma such as ill fitting footwear or impact from running.

Often bruised nails are pain free, however people can become concerned about the appearance as they tend to appear black or blue from bleeding/bruising under the nail.

How can I help myself?

Usually, if the root cause of the trauma can be eradicated, such as changing footwear or activities, the nail(s) if not too badly damaged, will keep growing normally and the bruising will grow out.

Sometimes the nail may become loose or deformed or thickened.

When to see a Podiatrist?

If you have bruising and fluid or blood under the nail which is causing pressure, see a podiatrist who may be able to release the fluid and relieve the pressure and pain. A Podiatrist will also be able to advise on footwear selection.

A Podiatrist can also help with loose or deformed or thickened nails too related to bruising and trauma.

Bruised toenail