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image of 2 pairs of shoes on a white background hanging from an electric cable

Barefoot Shoes… 5 Pros and 5 Cons you need to know

Barefoot Shoes… 5 Pros and 5 Cons you should know Barefoot shoes have been gaining popularity in recent years, marketed as a way to reconnect with our natural movement patterns and improve foot strength and posture. But like any trend, they come with both advantages and disadvantages.  We’ll delve into some of the pros and […]

picture of foot orthoses/ insoles, blue material on a white background

PodiPedia Interviews Edser Labs

We were recently lucky enough to catch up with Victor Bueno, the UK & Ireland Director of EDSER Labs, and Sergio Sanchez. EDSER CEO and a podiatrist himself.  If you are a clinician, we highly recommend you read on about this fascinating and exciting company with big plans ahead. EDSER offer incredibly versatile prescription options […]

picture of tablets, antibiotics

How can I get antibiotics for a toe or foot infection?

If you have an infected toe, or and ingrowing toe nail which is causing an infection. you may need antibiotics. The good news is that your local Podiatrist can help! ***Important point*** more often than not, antibiotics are not needed for ingrowing toe nails, if appropriate treatment is quickly sought, so if you are suffering, […]

how much should I spend on footwear? picture of trainers which are worn and tatty

How much should I spend on shoes?

How Much Should I Spend on Shoes? A Guide to Smart Footwear Investment Shoes are more than just a fashion statement, they’re a crucial component of our daily lives, providing support, comfort, and protection for our feet as we navigate the world. But when it comes to budgeting for footwear, how much should you really […]

picture of someone walking on a rode away from you

Is walking good for arthritis?

Here is a blog post on the benefits of walking for osteoarthritis and general health.

image of warrior grips training sock with labels on showing shield wall grippers, midfoot compression and ankle compression

Warrior Grips Training Socks

Sports Gripper socks are becoming a popular addition to many athletes kit bags, from rugby to football players, martial artists to weightlifters.  Warrior Grips Training Socks launched this October and are already having an excellent up take in the Martial Arts, Yoga and Barefoot training communities. Developed by Sports Podiatrist and lifelong martial artist Samuel Chidwick, who […]

someone holding a pack of pellitec blister prevention pods on the podipedia website

How to prevent blisters on your feet

If you suffer with blisters on your feet, then this post is for you!! 

a picture of a jumbo jet wing from the cabin looking onto the clouds and sun

Why do my feet and ankles swell when I fly?

The summer holidays are here, and many people will be jetting off to destinations around the world very soon, but are you someone who dreads flying because your feet and ankles swell?  This can be painful, embarrassing and sometimes concerning.   Many travellers experience  swelling in their feet and ankles during and sometimes flights, generally the […]

photo of card machine with card taking payment

How much do Podiatrists charge?

If you are suffering with a foot problem, a Podiatrist is the person for you, however as NHS waiting lists creep up, and fewer Podiatry core services are being offered, it is getting harder and harder to find a Podiatrist and many people are turning to private practices for help.  The first question is often, […]

picture of seed corns on the sole of someones foot.

Seed corn prevention and treatment

What are seed corns? Seed corns (Heloma millare) are a common foot condition characterised by small areas of hard, thickened skin. They are almost like small splinters of hard skin, which often seem to develop in groups under the soles of the feet or heels and feel quite superficial. You may even be able to […]

ride london, finishing line, 4 guys cycling into the finish.

Foot Pain and Numbness in Road Cycling

Road cycling is an exhilarating sport that pushes cyclists to their physical limits. One common issue that road cyclists face is foot pain and numbness which can have many causes. In this blog post, we will discuss the various factors contributing to foot pain and numbness and provide practical solutions to alleviate these issues for […]

Foot hygiene

Peripheral Neuropathy

What is Peripheral Neuropathy? Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide, causing a wide range of symptoms that can significantly impact daily life. While this condition can affect various parts of the body, it commonly manifests in the feet. In this blog post, we will delve into what peripheral neuropathy is, […]

Athlete's Foot Between The Toes

Athlete’s Foot Between The Toes

If you are suffering from pain, itching or soreness between your toes, it could be a fungal infection called tinea pedis, more commonly known as athlete’s foot. Read on for more information and advice

Plantar heel pain

5 exercises for heel pain

5 exercises for heel pain Are you suffering from heel pain? Or have you suffered from heel pain before and want to avoid it coming back?  You are in the right place. Here are 5 great exercises that can help!


How to cure chilblains

How to cure chilblains There are loads of things you can do to help yourself if you have chilblains and ways to try and prevent them getting worse. Read on for more information… 

Why is my arthritis worse in the winter?

Why is my arthritis worse in the winter?

Read on to find out more about arthritis, cold weather and how to help yourself. 

Well Heeled Diabetic Socks

Well Heeled Diabetic Socks

Read about this fantastic new product which is launching soon…


What is Verruca Needling?

Many patients go to Podiatrists because they have verrucae and have tried over the counter treatments but these have been unsuccessful. Some verrucae are extremely stubborn and sometimes will not go away on their own or with first line treatment options.  Verruca needling sounds a bit scary, but it really isn’t. It is a procedure […]

Why Podiatrists never stop training...

Why Podiatrists never stop training…

CPD or Continuing Professional Development is a big part of many professional careers. It is the process of keeping up to date with techniques, practices and research relating to a profession. We discuss the importance of CPD in podiatry and why podiatrists never stop training and make sure you receive the best care that we […]

Podiatrists sharing their knowledge

Podiatrists sharing their knowledge

PodiPedia’s goal is to help the public understand what Podiatrists do and how we can help you.  Our mission is to educate, and we are not alone, because loads of other Podiatrists share our ambition. We spoke with Podiatrist Steph Owen at her Worcester clinic, SO Podiatry, and learned a few things about how she […]

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